Without social media, would you have “Post” Traumatic Stress???

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February 22, 2014

Nowadays it seems like our life is one big post or tweet. Whether we are posting on facebook, Instagram, Vine, LinkedIn, twitter or more… it seems as though so many of us would be lost and completely stressed out without those outlets. And why do we seem to have this obsession with social media? I find myself posting on a regular basis to keep friends, family and supporters updated with my progress as an author; but some days, I find myself just posting for no reason at all! Then I check in every few minutes to see who has liked or shared my posts. And I am not the only one. I see so many random posts all throughout the day (breakfast, outfit for the day, kiddy tales, travel fun, love shots, quirky quotes and so much more).

But when I really think about how much time we spend on social media it’s kinda disturbing. What are we looking for? Validation? Congratulations? Sympathy? Approval? Everyone wants to feel special, loved, and celebrated. But some of us hide behind social media to cover or mask our flaws. We also have become so addicted with it, that we depend on those “likes” for our daily self-esteem jolts. Too much of anything isn’t good and I for one, need to temper my use of social media. It has also caused us to lose some our true social skills and abilities to interact in person. We need to make a better effort to actually “call” our friends on the phone, go to see friends/family members in person (if possible) and look to ourselves for validation. Be proud and secure in who you are, what you wear and what you do everyday! Facebook can be a very cool tool for keeping up with friend and loved ones that live out of town, but try sending a hand written note or spending quality time with them when you can. Life is short and you will look up one day and someone will be gone and all you will have are those facebook posts and likes and no real current communication with them. Now that will be SAD!

And from a business perspective, every event I attend lately people are CONSTANTLY on their smart phones. How are you going to network and have a proper conversation with someone if you are always on your phone? We need more of the hello how are you doings and less of the lols and selfies! I am not being a hypocrite and saying do not use it, I just think we need to have more of a balance. It certainly has it’s good points but as long as it’s used properly. When you are conducting business talk more and tweet less. Believe me, you won’t miss out on as much as you think. U need to be present and alert and being on social media can be terribly distracting to the person in front of you.

Yes social media can be a great source for news, information and play, but we do not have to be connected 24-7. U may actually find it refreshing to detach yourself from time to time!

Socially yours,

The Hip-Hop Professional


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