The College Chat Room tour at Dillard U!

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April 1, 2015

The College Chat Room tour landed at Dillard University! Special thanks to the President of the University, Dr. Walter Kimbrough for inviting Shanti Das to share her knowledge and experiences with the students. About 30 to 40 students attended the Chat in Cook Theatre. The topic of the tour that day was the business of music. The experience included heavy Q&A where the students got a chance to pick Shanti’s brain on all things music. At the end of the session, 2 students participated in the College Currency Challenge (a role playing session). Students won prizes including a Hip-Hop Professional backpak, Shanti’s book – The 1,2,3s of Networking and Esteem paks.

After the Chat, Shanti had dinner with students from Dr. Kimbrough’s hip hop class and discussed gender, politics and more in present day hip hop. It was an amazing experience!

It was great to watch Shanti share her vast experience and offer PRACTICAL, real world advice to our music and music industry majors, as well as students simply interested in entertainment. She was also able to have deeper conversations with my class about being grounded while being in an industry where ethical decisions are presented often. – Dr. Walter Kimbrough


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