Shanti Das, The Hip-Hop Professional gives keynote to YPs at Natl Urban League Convention

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July 31, 2014

Last week The National Urban League ( held their national convention in Cincinnati, OH. On Thursday, the Young Professionals luncheon was held and Shanti Das, The Hip-Hop Professional gave the keynote speech. Das’ speech entitled hashatg #NoRegrets urged the young professionals to take their good and bad experiences and learn from them. She talked about her trials and obstacles in her professional and personal life and how important it was for her to not have any regrets and to keep pushing forward no matter what. Life will throw you many curve balls, but it’s all about how you play the game!

The National Urban League is a wonderful organization advancing the careers in our community and serving those in need! Please support!

Also, a very special thanks to Winston Burns and Kristian Buchanon for their constant support!


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