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Ever wanted something SO bad you could just taste it? Any time you set out on a new goal, or dream a B-I-G dream, you have to also figure out how to stay focused and how to find the discipline to win! I decided to relaunch my book (The Hip-Hop Professional 2.0) and it has been challenging but in a good way! I am a one man band (well actually one wo-man band lol). I am the publisher, the distributor, the promoter, the marketer, the PR rep, the social media strategist, the speaker, the motivator and the hype wo-man! And although I have the task of a million other tasks, but it still gives me pleasure in knowing that I DO have the power and the desire to win!

God has been an amazing force behind my drive. On days when I find myself wanting to give up, HE is there to whip me back into shape. I also find myself, encouraging myself to win. There is a new chapter in my book where I talk about looking in the mirror. You have got to hold yourself accountable for your successes and/or failures. I am constantly writing notes to myself, making detailed to-d0 lists, making follow-up calls or emails, brainstorming on new avenues to go down and figuring out the best route/hustle to accomplish my goals.

Another powerful tool for winning is knowing how to navigate and utilize your relationships. So many opportunities come as a result of who you know. Make sure you are gracious when calling on people for their help or advice because no one owes you anything and everyone’s time is money. Do not be afraid to ask for help, but also see how you can return the favor on the investment and help out the person who lends you a hand.

You have to be your biggest cheerleader because it is YOUR goal and YOUR dream. You have to move passionately and show people just how determined you are to win. That desire to win and desire to be great can be infectious. You will find yourself motivating other people and also recruiting supporters of your cause. Be professional, be strategic, be humble, be gracious, be prepared, be encouraged, be aware, be alert and always be READY!

You can and will find the power to win if you want it bad enough. Just be careful and avoid stepping on others toes to get to the top, ’cause u might make it there, but you may not stay there!

My dear Hip Hop Pros…always remember to use your power wisely!!

-Shanti Das, The Hip-Hop Professional



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