Excuse me waiter…More Mint Condition please!!!

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March 13, 2014 11:58:29 PM

It’s almost midnight and I am just getting home. Was singing to the TOP of my lungs in the car, who do I think I am…ha! Had to listen to the Mint Condition albums since I just left their concert at Center Stage. It’s been many many years since I have seen the group L-I-V-E. I remember seeing them a lot when they opened for Toni Braxton back in the day. Let me just say that wow… forgot just how talented they are! They sang all of my favorite songs including, “Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes),” “Someone To Love,” “U Send Me Swinging,” “What Kind Of Man Would I Be” and so much more!!!

Yes Stokley is a complete BEAST… he can dance, move and sing at the SAME time, picture that? Oh yeah did I say that he plays drums, guitar, keys, bass, etc. He is one of the last great artists that can do it all!  Many acts today can only stand there and sing (ok) but have to lip sync if they really work the stage. It is SO refreshing seeing real artists and musicians. That is exactly why I produce my live show ATL Live on the Park; to showcase talented artists that can sing on stage with a live band. I try to encourage acts to work the stage and understand the importance of creating a memorable live experience for their fans.

It is nothing better than being able to experience your favorite music live and it sounding just like the record! Thank you Mint Condition for being trailblazers in the music biz and for STILL giving us your absolute best 20 years after the fact! You guys are the bomb.com!! I feel alive, happy, full of joy, and full of soul. A great concert can inspire you to wanna conquer the world! Music still has the power to cure, the power to heal and the power to love. When you experience real musicianship at this level (Mint Condition), it makes you not wanna ever turn up to track babies and lip syncers!

Long live rhythm & blues! Special thanks to Lonnie Ferguson for the show tix!

Musically yours,

Shanti Das, The Hip-Hop Professional



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