5 for 5 Student Spotlight: Jasmine Manuel

November 10, 2014 No Comments

November 10, 2014

The Hip-Hop Professional would like you to meet Jasmine Manuel (Kennesaw State University)

Q: What’s your major/area of interest and what school do you attend?

A: I’m a marketing major and also in the Music & Entertainment Business Program at Kennesaw State University.

Q: What are some of your current projects or activities that you are engaged in on campus? Also, have you completed any beneficial internships/summer programs?
A: Right now I’ve been working with a guy who’s name is Jaye Newton on Soundcloud and he works with our campus station called Owl Radio and we’ve worked on some projects such as an interview video. I’ve also been working on some projects with a guy named Evan Bailey also known as EKB on Soundcloud and he’s super talented. A few years ago I went to the Art Institute of Atlanta for their audio production summer workshop that lasted a week. This workshop was definitely beneficial because I learned different aspects of everything as a whole other than just the music component.

Q: How hard is it being a student and balancing the work you do towards your career goal?
A: Balancing everything can be at times tricky however, with good time management it has been easier to stay on top of things that relate towards music. Even when I’m not necessarily creating music, I’m working with others who are creating and I collaborate with those individuals. Keeping this balance has allowed me to keep up with my studies while doing what I love.
Q:What are your top social media platforms that you use and why?
A: Soundcloud because this is where I upload most of my content and because I’ve found that I have experienced a lot more success on there, than other sites that I use.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
A: In five years, I see Mini Producer which is my producer name, being another name you see among some of the current producers we have now such as Mike Will who attended the same high school that I did. I see myself working with talented artists and also finding myself as I will have just graduated college. Most of all I see myself being happy in what I do no matter where life leads me because I know that I will be doing something that I love.




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