5 for 5 Student Spotlight: Jasmine M. Griffin

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The Hip-Hop Professional would like you to meet Jasmine M. Griffin (U Mass Boston)


Q: What’s your major/area of interest and what school do you attend?
A: I am a double major in Sociology and Africana Studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston.
Q: What are some of your current projects or activities that you are engaged in on campus? Also, have you completed any beneficial internships/summer programs?
A: I am the President of the H.I.P H.O.P Initiative at UMASS Boston. The H.I.P. H.O.P. Initiative (HHI) is a student/community organization on a mission to take Hip Hop back to its original & positive nature through awareness, conscious lectures, films, events & discussions, etc. We believe that through change Hip Hop has the potential to become both the conscious voice for our community and the primary creative driving force to educate the masses of our youth. We provide safe space for the public as well as the school community to voice their  opinions, comments, concerns, crticisms, and also discuss solutions to issues we see in our communities, our schools, etc.

I am a senior board member of We Are The Ones Boston, a coalition of leaders on a mission to create and further enable positive social change in communities of color. We encourage and stand by our communities in efforts of awareness, unity, education, etc., uplifting our young leaders to grab the torch from the leaders before us. Such efforts have been exhibited through workshops in high schools, panel discussions, protests, conferences, etc. As We Are The Ones Boston is not a part of UMASS Boston, it consists of some UMASS Boston students.

I am also a facilitator/mentor for Peace Circles Boston, an organization of UMASS Boston grad and undergrads, holding discussions with students grades 7-8 on topics such as conflict resolution, self- awareness, etc.  Working with Peace Circles Boston is considered as an internship; however I participate as a volunteer because I enjoy working with the youth.
Q: How hard is it being a student and balancing the work you do towards your career goal?
A: Being a student and balancing the work I do towards my career goal is challenging: trying to make my school and work schedule compatible, while also finding ways to create time for activities such as being the President of the H.I.P H.O.P Initiative, a senior board member of We Are The Ones, and a member of Peace Circles Boston. I often find myself working on two projects/assignments at once, even trying to take small breaks at work just to get through a few pages of reading, send out emails, or work on an essay. The challenged is heightened, as I live on my own. I am a full time student, so I can’t slack up on work for the sake of my bills, and I can’t slack up on school for the sake of obtaining my degree; so the energy has to be kept up for both ends of the spectrum.

Time is defininitely of the essence when trying to balance being a student and the work I do towards my career, as every hour is used whether looking over IRA accounts for work, reading for classes, building research papers, etc., however these are all tools putting me in shape to become the professor/ community activist I strive to be.
Q:What are your top social media platforms that you use and why?
A: My top social platforms are Facebook and Instagram. I use Facebook  on a personal note, it keeps me in touch with distant relatives, friends from high school, current classmates, etc. Regarding business, I network and inform the community of H.I.P H.O.P Initiative discussions and events via our page, as well for Peace Cirlces Boston page, keeping the community updated with topics of the sessions with students. I use Instagram to stay in touch with friends, but also to support friends in their promotions of entrepreneurship, community activism, and self-consciousness. I also use Instagram also to support local artists that symbolize with “real hip hop”.
Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
A: As I have no set description of where I see myself in 5 years, I am for sure that I will be spreading love, unity and consciousness amongst my community. Whether in a classroom, college campus, or a community recreational center, I see myself not only spreading my knowledge but also learning from my community, and constantly evolving into a humble educator and advocator for the community.


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