5 for 5 Student Spotlight: Allen Bailey

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July 31, 2014

The Hip-Hop Professional would like you to meet Allen Bailey (Univ Of Alabama Huntsville)


Q: What’s your major/area of interest and what school do you attend?

A: I am receiving a bachelor of science from the University of Alabama in Huntsville; receiving a double major in Business Marketing and Management, with a minor in Communication.

Q: What are some of your current projects or activities that you are engaged in on campus? Also, have you completed any beneficial internships/summer programs?
A: I am engaged in the following on campus projects and activities:  INROADS Ambassador, SGA Parliamentarian, Red Bull SBM, Fluent (Microsoft) Ambassador, and Student Housing Coordinator, Dean of Students office Student Specialist, Black Student Association Marketing committee, and NAACP finance committee. Active participation in these organizations stretched my leadership skills, groomed me as a young professional, and allowed me opportunities to positively impact my community demonstrated by 500+ community service hours. Additionally, two major calls of actions I am working on for the Fall semester are the airing of our campus television show Blueroom where I am honored to be the TV Host and working on planning and executing the Allen G. Bailey first annual Dreams, Hustle, Hunger, Success conference. The conference will accommodate 250+ 9th – 12th grade high school students from Northern and Middle Alabama. The event will provide professional coaching, direction on building a personal brand, developing professional swag, and guaranteed mentor assignments. I have completed three successful paid internships with Cintas Corporation.  During my freshman and sophomore year of college, I worked as a Management Trainee INROADS Scholar in Mobile, AL.  This summer I relocated to Cincinnati, OH and worked at the Corporate Headquarters, located in Mason, OH.  I also hold an internship with Trill Entertainment; Show the World College Tour management team.


Q: How hard is it being a student and balancing the work you do towards your career goal?
Being a student, working full-time, and being dedicated to my own personal development, can be a challenge at times but I am no stranger to hard work.  I believe having big dreams and aspirations is free but the road to get there requires blood, sweat, and tears. I refuse to be an African American statistic.  I rely on my faith to keep me strong when I feel like I’m overwhelmed.  I reflect on Luke 12:48 ‘to whom much is given, much will be required and know hard work is necessary to accomplish my goals.  I often pray over situations at night, wake up, and go get what I prayed for. The toughest part of being so thirsty for success is like many young professionals I want it “NOW” and I constantly remind myself, “success is not a sprint, but a marathon”.


Q: What are your top social media platforms that you use and why?
With my personality and involvement with the entertainment industry I effectively leverage social media. My top platforms would have to be Instagram and Twitter because these top two are what I call my win, win networks. A picture can tell a thousand words, so with IG, I can post a flyer for an event and it goes viral without any paid advertising. Twitter is another successful media platform to have because you can gather a small phrase and reach many carriers by the technology of smartphones.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
A: My motto is, “
When you want to succeed as bad you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful”.  By 2019, I will have a Bachelor of Science and MBA degree. I will also have a developed business plan for the AB² Foundation with a business portfolio including but not limited to: condominiums, banks, nonprofit organization, restaurants, etc.  By age 26, I dream of becoming one of the youngest CEOs or CMOs in the fortune 500 listing. I continue to motivate others by delivering headline keynote speeches at one national event, three regional events, and holding 25 plus leadership and young professionals’ workshops. To complete my life map I would love to share my blessings with a godly girlfriend/wife to start focusing on a family because through it all God and family are most important to me.

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