5 for 5 Student: Jamilla Noel Johnson

March 4, 2014 No Comments

March 4, 2014

5 for 5 Student Spotlight: The Hip-Hop Professional wants you to meet Jamilla Noel Johnson (University of Georgia)


Q: What’s your major/area of interest and what school do you attend?

A: I am currently a third year student at the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!) majoring in Marketing at the Terry College of Business. Along with my Marketing degree, I will also be receiving a certificate in Music Business. 

Q: What are some of your current projects or activities that you are engaged in on campus? Also, have you completed any beneficial internships/summer programs?

A:My energy, my time, and my heart are deeply invested in The Professional Entertainment and Sports Association at UGA. I currently serve as President, but I’ve been involved since my freshman year. With the help of my executive board, I plan networking and informative events for students interested in the business of the entertainment industry. There’s always a project we’re working on and every time one is completed, I’m overcome with joy and gratification. I love seeing the organization succeed and flourish. As far as my internships and summer programs, I’ve worked in promotions for a local concert hall in Athens, and I’m currently interning for Red Clay Clearances, a music licensing company. Last summer, instead of interning, I spent 6 weeks studying abroad in London, England. Best decision of my life!​!

 Q: How hard is it being a student and balancing the work you do towards your career goal?

A: Honest answer? Pretty difficult! But with that being said, I continue to do it because seeing results makes it SO worth it. I don’t consider myself the “average” college student because of all the sacrifices I’ve made and things I’ve had to miss out on, but I also don’t regret any part of my “too-busy” life. Times get stressful, but I always remind myself about the vision I’m working towards and that keeps me sane. But don’t get me wrong, I still go out and enjoy college life (I promise m not old and boring haha), but I make an extra effort to set time aside for that so I know when I need to strictly focus. 

Q:What are you top social media platforms that you use and why?

A: I mainly use Twitter and Instagram! I go through spurts of when I’m highly active on social media and when I’m nearly absent. It just depends on how busy I am and focused I need to be. I like Twitter because my timeline always makes me laugh, and I’m more a fan of seeing many 140-character posts than many 300-word post on Facebook. And I like Instagram for several reasons–the selfies, stalking my favorite celebrities, making a lame picture cool with a filter, all that!

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A: This is one of the toughest questions. Mainly because I want to be able to answer it easily, but there are so many possible answers! Okay, well in 5 years I’ll definitely have a job, I’ll start there. I hope to be living in a major city, working at one of the top entertainment companies, perhaps in their marketing/advertising department. I see myself being happy and grateful for whatever my current situations is at the time. And I see myself still wondering where I’ll be in the next 5 years.


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